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Video Production
Company Profile, Training Videos, Biography, Product Profile, CEO Video Message, Yearly Performance Report

create a video profile that is attractive, communicative and creative with out of the box concepts is one of the hallmarks of SCORTA.

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Post Production
Video Editing, Subtitling, Translation, Dubbing, Convert / copy cassettes and discs

In SCORTA, we can edited, dubbed and converted various types of tapes and videos into the latest type of media.

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Video Shooting, Photography, Photo Booth, Photo Studio, Wedding Documentation

Each event has a memorable value that can not be repeated. Thatís why has a professional support from SCORTA is a must.

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Equipment Rental
Screen & Projector, Sound System, CCTV, Camera

SCORTA provides qualified equipment with experienced crew.

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Why SCORTA Production

Why choose Us?

Affordable Price with Fine Quality
Qualified Resources
Strategic location
One stop shopping for your audio-visual needs.
Remarkably, more than three decades, SCORTA have been choosing and serving hundreds of national and multi-national companies, government institution and Embassies of various countries.

What Client's say ?
Kami memberikan apresiasi atas kinerja, loyalitas, kualitas kerja dan performa yang sangat baik selama bekerjasama dengan PT Ernst & Young dalam berbagai video production project yang dikerjakan.
Bp Jongki Widjaja, Ernst & Young Indonesia
Our Clients